Piece Makers

Laura Leon Mosaics
Some people practice Zen to relax, I make mosaics. I love the process of combining different colors, textures and shapes into a piece of art. My favorite materials are glass, mother of pearl, and all kinds of glass beads and dichroic drops. I am a self taught mosaic artist, learning about techniques through books and internet, and practicing many hundreds of hours. Each object I make is carefully planned. I first make a rough design on the object itself, and then collect all the tiles, beads, ball chain and other items that could possible be included in the item. And then the fun starts. I will test the colors and shapes many times before actually gluing them down, playing with the colors and texture, but rarely with the design. I am meticulous about grout lines, they must be as narrow as possible, to create a clean look. I usually color the grout to match the tiles, and seal it. I will go over the entire piece to make sure there are no sharp edges (learned that the hard way, ha!). Anyway, my motto is: if it does not move, tile it!
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