Piece Makers

Frances Green
I was once asked why I do mosaics... And after giving it some thought, my answer was: Mosaics is who I am. When I mosaic, I am not anyone's friend, mother, partner, lover, daughter, employee... I am just myself. I am floating a million miles away, completely relaxed and calm... and at the same time I'm also totally focused, aware and achored in the here and now. Some people meditate or pray, I mosaic. Mosaics make something whole and harmoneous out of many little pieces, they create something valuable and strong out of things that are broken or chipped. I will use virtually anything in my mosaics. No pebble pit, junk yard or dumpster is safe... And on the other side of the scale there is gold and silver, precious stones, antique porcelain, fabulous art glass. I am fascinated by colours and textures and love putting unexpected elements side by side - think velvet ball gown with Doc Marten's - that's what I do with mosaics.
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