New Members

Welcome to the PieceMakers!

There is a lot of information here to take in... so grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up, and let one of

the team leaders know if you have any questions! Amanda Edwards or Frances Green.

WE LOVE MOSAICS! Swaps, juried art contests, public work opportunities, writing on the team blog, seeing lots of amazing art, and

friendship are just some of the wonderful things about being a Piece Maker.

Joined as a Hobbyist? Read on!

There are no membership requirements for a Hobbyist Membership other than having to log into the chat area. If you've never been

in the chat area & introduced yourself, then you are not part of the team yet. It's hard to be part of a team if no one knows who you

are. :)  This group isn't just about promotion... it's a place to make friends who share the same mosaic passion as you! So, your final

step for membership is introducing yourself to your teammates! Click on "Team Chat and Discussions" above to join in the fun! Follow

the directions it gives you for the first log in... we will approve you quickly and then you'll be good to go! That last log in & approval is

what keeps our discussion thread a private place, so it's important... and after you're approved once, you'll be set to go! Although

there are no set requirements for the chat area if you are a Hobbyist Member, please come by at least once per month if you can. 

Again, you can't be part of a team if you're never part of the team. :) Scroll down a little more on the page to read more about

logging into the chat area for the first time if you need more help with this.

As a hobbyist, you can participate in all the fun of the chats, challenges, and swaps. However, only Professional Members will be

listed on the PieceMaker page of members & be able to take part in the publicity that the team offers.  If you're going to promote

your work on the team's facebook page, please also try to get involved in the team in other ways as well. You can change your

membership from Hobbyist to Professional at any time!

Joined as a Professional Member? Read on!

If you are a Professional Member, the following are requirements for retaining your membership: 

  • Come by the Member's Only area at the very least weekly, and join in the fun in one of the chat areas (general chatting or technical area). This is a vital part to being a part of our team.
  • If you can not participate in the Member's Only area for a longer period of time (vacation, illness, etc), let a team leader know so that you don't get removed from the team for non-activity.
  • Participate in at least 2 mosaic challenges per year (there are 4 per year).
  • Treat each other with the respect and love that we all so greatly deserve.
  • This is not a place to be anything but supportive of each others lives and art. We are all different, and as artists we LOVE that!
  • You MUST be selling glass art mosaics somewhere online, and NOT just mosaic supplies.
  • ONLY professional members will have full listings on our Member's Page.
  • Use the team logo (below) on any page that you link to on your PieceMaker member page. So, if you have a link on your page here for your website, you must put the logo on your website someplace... where is up to you! :)

Once in a while we remove non-active members. We don't do this to upset anyone! If you are removed, would like to rejoin, and think

you have the time to be more active, just reapply! 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the team leaders: Frances Green or Amanda Edwards.

Team Logo

Use a big one or a small one...  it's up to you!
Just right click on the image, save it to your desktop (or anywhere else) and then it's yours to use!

Start Chatting with us!

This is a very important part of being on the team. It's how we all get to know each other, and that's what makes us a team!

To get going with chatting, go here, and click where it says "apply for membership". That will take you to the screen where we can

approve you to be able to see & add things to this private chatting area. Things are very straight forward. If you have any problems,

go ahead and click "contact the owner" to let us know. Once you are approved, go to that same Chatting page, and click on any of

the discussions listed. Read what's there and if you want to post something, just click the red button that says, "post reply".  The

discussion you'll want to head into most days is "Every Day Fun Chatting"... part 4 right now. :) This is where you'll get to know the

members of the group the best, and where all introductions should happen.

 Please look at the existing topics before adding a new one. If what you want to discuss isn't already being covered somewhere, go

right ahead and start a new topic!

Get your Member page up and Running!

Now it's time for you to have a member page! Just complete the form below and your page should appear within one week from the time your membership was approved.

Start Creating your Professional Member Page Here

Please email a photo of yourself, and up to 5 images of your work, to

The Team Shop page, and getting your Etsy Mini

At this time, we are only offering professional members with an etsy store the option of having an

area on the "Shop" page. This may change one day! If you have an etsy shop, follow these

directions, and we'll get your items added to the Shop page. Etsy minis are put organized in a totally

random manor... not alphabetical. The arrangement will change on a monthly basis.

  • Go to Etsy. At the top of the page click on "your shop". On the left under promote click on Etsy Mini.
  • Select:  "items from my shop", "gallery".
  • 2 columns, 5 rows, if you would like it to be vertical, or...
  •  Select 5 columns and 2 rows to have it appear horizontal.
  • Select and copy the code... paste it in the box below & click 'submit'.

Rules for Participating in the Mosaic Challenges

  • Check out what the current mosaic challenge is under "Events and Contests" in the main menu.
  • Send up to 3 photos of your completed piece to, with the subject line "PieceMaker Challenge", no later than the date stated.
  • You must be a PieceMaker Member to participate in a Mosaic Challenge.
  • You must send a work-in-progress photo as well... which you can send at the same time as your finished photos.
  • Your piece can not be something that you started prior to the announcement of the current challenge.
  • Voting happens on this website , and lasts one week. There is a public vote for "people's choice", as well as a special guest Juror for the "Best in Show".