Piece Makers

Amanda Edwards

Simply put, I love glass. I love the textures, variety of colors, shapes, sizes, reflections, even the sound it makes when I’m scoring and cutting it. Glass allows me to take a thousand little pieces of color and turn them into a flowing representation of my very active imagination.

While I'm meticulous in my technique, I try very hard to keep my work spontaneous. I may do a rough sketch of the main subject, but I never plan out the placement of glass too much ahead of time. Throughout the creation process, I try to keep myself submerged in the the moment of my initial inspiration, whether it be through sounds, smells, images, or returning to a specific location over and over again. My goal in working this way is to keep each mosaic alive & natural. Every piece of glass is put into place with purpose, intent, joy, love, and inspiration behind it.

The making of a Five-Story Mural for Boston Children's Hospital.
Contact Amanda with questions, or to inquire
about a commission: aledwards@gmail.com